what is WIZDOOR?

Wizdoor Inc. is a multinational technological company which specializes in internet related products and services, smart phones and smart accessories environment saving technologies and more. Basically, wizdoor is a unique invention of Wizdoor Inc. which is a global community and founded by some tech scientists and business enthusiasts by 9 individuals from 7 different countries of the world. It was founded in 2013 and registered as a corporation in 2019. In those years wizdoor spent times and money only to research different innovative inventions and finally its ready to launch. During this time wizdoor Inc. also analysis e-commerce business future of South Asia and running a popular marketplace which will be spreading broadly soon after we can complete the first investment process

Very soon wizdoor willgive services to the people of all ages around the world with a vast online platformin where users can find anything they want. It can be said in a sentence that “wizdoor is one of the most advanced & high tech platform of the universe where people can find their life solutions for every need.”

Wizdoor can be used from its website “www.wizdoor.com” or from its app version which can be downloading soon from play-store and app-store. The interesting thing is users can use the same app** for both android and ios. Wizdoor Inc. has also invested own money for other platforms to develop which will start during the first 2 years period of “wizdoor”.

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