Wizdoor Inc. is a multinational technological company which specializes in internet related products and services, smart phones and smart accessories , environment saving technologies and more. Basically, wizdoor is a unique invention of Wizdoor Inc. which is a global community and founded by some tech scientists and business enthusiasts by 9 individuals from 7 different countries of the world. It was founded in 2013 and registered as a corporation in 2019. In those years wizdoor spent times and money only to research different innovative inventions and finally its ready to launch. During this time wizdoor Inc. also analysis e-commerce business future of South Asia and running a popular marketplace which will be spreading broadly soon after we can complete the first investment process.

Very soon wizdoor will give services to the people of all ages around the world with a vast online platform in where users can find anything they want. It can be said in a sentence that “wizdoor is one of the most advanced & high tech platform of the universe where people can find their life solutions for every need.”

Wizdoor can be accessed from its website “” or from its app version which can be downloadable soon from play-store and app-store. The interesting thing is users can use the same app** for both android and ios. Wizdoor Inc. has also invested own money for other platforms to develop which will start during the first 2 years period of “wizdoor”.

Wizdoor’s vision is to become the largest online world of the universe by supporting minimum 70 countries and 3 billion people in a 10 years period. Wizdoor’s mission is to help every individual to enterprises and vast business houses by wizdoor’s revolutionary services. Wizdoor has 3 revolutionary and world changing goals. Which are- 

We will try to give a short description about wizdoor’s three revolutionary goals in such way –

To create an unemployment free world-

The world is facing different types of major problems. Among all, unemployment is one of the biggestcurses for the entire world. According to the countryeconomy the unemployment rate of U.S.A. is 3.8%, France – 8.8%, Spain – 13.9%, Australia – 4.9%, Brazil – 12.4%, South Africa – 27.1%. So wizdoor has invented such 9 platforms by which users can earn minimum $210**in a month. No matter if the working user number is 1 or 1 billion, every user who will be participating in those platforms can earn their part. So what are those 9 platforms by which users can earn minimum $210?

mission & vision 2web

Only from the “Booking” a user can earn minimum $200 actual profits in a week. And definitely they can earn more than triple profits margin compared to other existing services around the world. It’s not a general booking platform like others, 3 types of objects will be available here with 6 newer advantages which is not describing here due to wizdoor privacy policy and trade secrets. Wizdoor has invented another 8 money earning platforms which are given above. Besides these 9 platforms, users will get the opportunity to earn money by sharing contents and their activity ratio.

To create a violence free online world

According to the national domestic violence hotline, every 1 person in 4 is being harassed in online. Cyber bullying is becoming a biggest threat to the generation. There are a lot of types of cyber bullying such as:

mission & vision 4web

Wizdoor is much strict on these cyber bullying and in wizdoor none can share any violence content, image, video, audio or text. None can harass others. It’s a guaranteed promise to all the users and partners of wizdoor. Wizdoor will take proper and genuine steps for it.

And already wizdoor has taken steps for its 3 major goals that we stated above briefly. And only for these 3 goals and platforms attached to these goals, wizdoor’s user ratio will be increase rapidly. Wizdoor will fulfill all the objectives in only some short business years so that minimum 45,000 people can work in wizdoor directly at their facilities and minimum 1 billion people can work in and earn by wizdoor from different corners of the world.

To create a cost free marketing world

According to statista the global total online advertising costs for 2018 was 269.85 billion U.S. dollars. Every single platforms existing in the world are earning their major revenue from advertising. Wizdoor is presenting world’s first cost free marketing tools to you. From now on users can share their advertisement for free of costs

This will help you to save your pocket and will help the unemployed to get a job. Wizdoor will launch this facility immediately but it will start working after 1 year of its inauguration. You can see that in 2017 the global total online advertising costs was 229.25 billion U.S. dollar, in 2018 it was 269.85 billion U.S. dollar and in 2019 it can cross 304.34 billion U.S. dollar. But if we can launch wizdoor by our planning then we can reduce the global advertisement costs by 30%


Wizdoor will come in market with 5 revolutionary platforms.
In a very short description those 5 platforms are –

  1. Users can share their sel-fie and uni-fie with their friends and family and wizdoor’s invented M.I. system will help its users to do it perfectly.
  2. World’s first singlot platform where every user can share their own song with authorized background music.
  3. Users will get world’s first easiest, securest and reliable mailing platform where mailing will be a lot more easily compared to other existing mailing platforms.
  4. World’s first M.I. integrated chatting platform in where 7 new and revolutionary technologies will take place. And users will be also able to get the facility of “IP” calling. Though this feature will be available for some selected countries first but after some period’s wizdoor will take steps to available it for maximum countries.
  5. World’s first actual online bank which definitely will work as like a physical bank. There are a lot of online payment gateway out there but wizdoor will launch world’s first actual virtual bank.

These are the starting 5 platforms of wizdoor with whom  is coming for the users. Wizdoor has 45 global platforms which are the most advanced and created by talented individuals from world’s different nations. Among the rest 40 platforms, wizdoor will launch each platform in every month. In these 45 platforms of wizdoor, 17 platforms are for earning revenues and the rest 28 platforms are only for the advantages of its users.



wizdoor is coming with the online platform which can be found in both website and app version very soon. It will develop day by day with all of our 45platforms and wizdoor will put footprint in these below ventures within a very short period


Wizdoor –stronger together

World’s first super smart eco phone& D2 phone

World’s first M.I. supported eye frame

World’s first environment saving garbage processing platform

A hyper car assembling factory with wizdoor’s own design and mechanism



Wizdoor has an effective and unique advantage when it comes to technology. Wizdoor’s intelligent and strong attitude towards futuristic innovative technology has made its all platforms state of the art. Young and upcoming generations will learn from wizdoor about how to innovate things and staffs. Wizdoor has those different platforms which definitely are the most advanced.


We all know that unemployment is the biggest global problem which is tapping us with a great curse. Wizdoor has that goal to remove unemployment from the world and wizdoor has created 9 platform from where every individual of wizdoor can earn minimum $210 in a month. And these platforms are the first and only in the universe. Of course the universe will be very grateful to wizdoor in only some business years.


Wizdoor ensures complete customer services to its users that give flexible working hours, 24/7 availability of service, world’s most low cost and affordable charges, valid global insurance facility and many more. Wizdoor has been designed in such an advanced way that an illiterate user will also be able to use wizdoor services at a glance. And wizdoor is the first platform where nudity and violence is totally restricted. Wizdoor controls it with strong cautions.

Cost Advantage

Wizdoor is different from the entire available online platform in the globe. Being different by platforms, it is different by pricing and costing also. Every platform in the world use to charge 12% to 35% to their users to use their paid services. But wizdoor charges their users only 5% and the most effective fact in this section is wizdoor offers its user a valid global insurance policy for their safety and security.


Wizdoor offers its users the best security of the world for their data and secrecy. So how wizdoor does that? Wizdoor use 3 types of verification process and use 5 types of security to prevent security breach and to help the users. Wizdoor also considers threat of cyber security and is constantly taking measures to protect the entire database. Wizdoor always keep their data in a 5 series backup. We can also say that wizdoor is the safest.


Wizdoor offers it’s all users 24/7 support for their every need. Wizdoor is always responsible to their users and employee both and wizdoor will always take a good care of it.


Wizdoor is the world’s only platform who ensures you a total violence and nudity free online world.  It also ensures veritable infliction of all of its platforms, features and strategies.

Besides these above advantages users will get all these below 6 major advantages of wizdoor.



As today’s economic, financial and tax landscape becomes increasingly complex. We are a strong team of a global network of financial planners, tech experts & security experts and have also developed a network of cross-border specialists in complementary financial fields such as taxation, insurance, banking, and estate planning, so that we can offer comprehensive cross-border financial services to all of our clients and users.

A few people may stumble into financial security. But for most people, the only way to attain financial security is to save and invest over a long period of time. In order to build your wealth, you will want to invest your money. You just need to have your money work for you. And that’s investing – in where definitely we can help. If you don’t invest, you are missing out an opportunity to increase your financial worth. Of course, you have the potential to lose your money in investments, but if you invest wisely, the potential to gain money is higher than if you never invest.

Choosing someone to help you with your investments is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make. We are committed to helping you reach your financial goals.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our long-term relationships and global partnerships that we have cultivated for the benefit of our clients. Beside all of this you should invest with us for the below 10 effective reasons also.

  1. Reliable Growth of both of you and our assetsDreaming and calculating can’t live along. We don’t dream, we calculate all the possibilities and negativities. We will create a better valuation of our company so that you can be benefited. After 1st year of inauguration, wizdoor will be serving 1 million people and then the user’s number will be increasing at a geometric way with our 36 types of marketing system.
  2. Our Core and team is much StrongWe have a strong and meritorious team of business enthusiast, tech experts and inventors. You will definitely in a number of safe hands.
  3. Newer Innovations We always believe in Innovation and we are always inventing new platforms and products. We will patent our 5 ventures and 53 products immediately we launch the wizdoor.
  4. Retirement facility We are world’s first and only online organization who takes steps for both of client’s and all user’s retirement facility. You have to just remain attached with us.
  5. Earn higher returns We are offering you higher returns compare to other existing organizations. Our intention is to make our partners, users and fewer privileges happy.  We don’t want to fill our pocket with billions; we want to make you wealthy.
  6. Reach your financial goals With us you can reach your financial goals. We will take a short grace period than others and then we will help you to become successful for your finance
  7. Start and expand a business Everyone wants to start a new business or wants to involve with existing businesses. We are offering you to become the part of a future revolution and become a honorable member of our finance team. We will help you to create your own business brand.
  8. Both you and we can support others No bigger tasks can be completed or participated alone. As an innovator we are always ready to help you for better technologies and as an investor you can help us to give life to our innovations.
  9. Be part of a new venture And be part of a new venture and world’s first such organization. New ventures need the money and some investors may like the excitement of investing in a new, cutting-edge product or service. We are offering you to be part of us so that we can help you to gain a profitable and glamorous world.
  10. We have years of experience better track records and our services are the most advanced, helpful and trustworthy. With diversified investment strategies and better client services we are always liable to ensure a transparent approach to all clients and users.You have to do just 3 things.
    1. First keep believing in us
    2. Invest with us and
    3. Wait to count your profit and honor.
OUR Messages
SM Alamin
SM Alamin

As a diversified technological company, we are active in a wide range of soft technologies and hard technologies including life changing online platforms, cross performing app, world’s first eco phone; environment friendly projects and different other innovations. In all parts of the business we are dedicated to delighting our stakeholders and creating memorable moments for our users. Wherever we operate, we strive to ensure that we take a balanced approach to all stakeholders, adding value through managerial capabilities and local knowledge, as well as taking significant care to consider the community, people and the surrounding environment through a wide range of corporate and socially responsible initiatives.

A core part of our long term strategy is the desire to work with worldwide partners.

We are a deep-rooted pioneering spirit and a wealth of highly relevant experience. Our goal is to create an unemployment free world, cost free marketing world and violence free online so that we may change the universe in a better condition and to create value for our shareholders, surrounding communities and the wider economy.

We are proud of our past and passionate about our future and look forward to continuing our success alongside each of our partners.

You are always welcome in our company with all of our efforts towards you and 24/7 support.

Asraf Eme
Founder & Chief of Planning

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity ceased is how wizdoor was born. Our aim at building wizdoor was to create an entity independent in all aspects of world changing by better technologies.Our two greatest assets are people & integrity. We have a highly motivated, experienced and hardworking team of people from diverse backgrounds & experience. About all, we are dedicated to our customer and their satisfaction.We have been developing our divisions with immense speed and take great interest in the interests of our users and understanding their problems. We have designed wizdoor to be users and partners oriented from the beginning. We are developing ourselves in order to be the one stop solution to every aspect of human needs.

A lot has been planned and a lot of it executed, we are a very subtle organization and we like to create examples from our work, we are more practical than any organization providing our scope of services. We are expanding and will continue to do so, we continue to add new partners to our business and we continue to improve our division services.

Our aim has always been to achieve excellence through innovation. Our track record of business earned as a reputation for being creative, technologically advanced and extremer responsive to our customer. We believe our sacred responsibility is to repay the debt to the soil which gave us birth.

We are always grateful to all of our users, partners, helpers, supporters and co-workers. Thank you all to give us the opportunity to serve you with all of our expertise.

Sumon Ahmed
Co-founder &Executive Director

Our Company purposes are to solve the problems of human lives and to take challenges in order to build a better world, which we aspire to do in a broad enduring sense. Thesepurposes have been evident since the establishment of our corporation when our founders set out to build a premium quality service company.

The values we share are embodied in what goes on at wizdoor from day to day. Team members must exhibit ethical and honest behavior, and wizdoor must offer fair, equal conduct in a safe, healthy workplace. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision making and effective strategies flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.

The wizdoor business model is our platform for success. I have always believed that when it comes to defining and communicating a corporation’s vision and goals, conciseness is a virtue.We continuously focus on:

  • Quality – exceptional quality delights our customers and is essential to customer growth and retention.
  • Service – at wizdoor, service is not simply a concept. It’s how we develop and maintain customer loyalty.
  • Innovation – it is the driving force behind our long term growth.
  • Peak performance – our commitment is to prepare as individuals and as a corporation to do our best.

We’re always on a path of continuous improvement. Wizdoor first startedin 2013. Since then, wizdoor has embarked on an ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement through the use of emerging process improvement tools. We consistently apply value engineering to lower the cost of products, to streamline processes, and to improve efficiencies.

Tamim Ayan
Co-founder &Head of Design

I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial quality displayed by our people and the exceptional value they bring to the company. This allows us to deliver added product value and outstanding customer service to clients who can count on us to carry out our promises. Our staff and executive team are regularly assessing and reviewing our clients’ needs, the programs we offer, and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

Above all we aim to be fair and honest with team members and to provide them with meaningful, challenging work. We believe no one has a monopoly on good ideas and in order to grow professionally, we will work with anyone who has constructive proposals for improved performance.

Our team is committed to maximizing user satisfaction through innovative and value added project delivery. We take pride in selecting the right teams to meet the demanding and ever changing needs of our users. Our leadership in this industry is directly attributable to our talented staff’s dedicated attention to our users’ needs and executing effective solutions to achieve success. Thus our motto: “Stronger Together”.

Looking to the future, and our next stage of growth, it is important to remember what first inspired this company to succeed. Our Founder and the co-founders set the example for us to follow with passion for excellence in service. That passion remains the lifeblood of this company and continues to translate into tremendous success.

On behalf of wizdoor, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you will see why we love what we do.


A good and successful business needs true fidelity, strong unity and futuristic & deep plan. Wizdoor has all these three advantages and we believe that with all our strategies, expertise and supports wizdoor will achieve the goal before the timeline.We are very thankful to you for your interests and supports for wizdoor and we believe that it will be a great pleasure if we can work ahead together.Please keep attached with us, invest with us and become the part of a life changing business corporation. We always think of our clients and users. And that’s our core motto “Stronger Together

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